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In today’s fast paced economy, organizations have realized that just being global is not enough when the growth parameters & demands for global workforce are evolving rapidly. Scarcities of skills, complex models of engagement and demographic shifts combined with economic and political forces, are compelling organizations to reconsider their approaches to acquiring critical skill sets.

Companies can no longer afford to fulfill their workforce requirements in localized silos bound by regions or countries. Leveraging the services of dynamic global staffing partner can secure the right people at the right time accelerating the business growth. It’s the time for organizations to attract & retain top talent above the confines of boundaries and ensure that their talent investments generate expected returns for their businesses.

Why rely on PMTs Careers Global Staffing Services

PMTs Careers is a global leader in providing world class talent services to meet the unique needs of our clients consistently by delivering unsurpassed quality experience. PMTs Careers offers lasting and impactful workforce solutions that embrace a seamless balance of both global and local strategies with our “glocal” approach. Our endeavor is to offer end-to-end global staffing solutions to our clients within their budget and timelines.

PMTs Careers comprehensively takes care of all the cultural, workforce and regulatory factors distinct to individual locations while delivering visibility, consistency, and measurable results that are vital to a global enterprise. Our global staffing recruiters enable the organizations to attain the best talent today, facilitate a vision for the future, and evolve swiftly to the market changes as they happen.

Our Unique Approach

We have established world class tools & processes, proven best practices and sustain an ever-evolving knowledgebase -that will impart you the competitive edge to be ahead of the global game.

Requirements Gathering

We identify the Job Requirements, Culture & Environment exclusivity, On-going, immediate, and future needs that are critical to your global aspirations

Resource Identification

We map, identify and profile the best prospective candidates to ensure that the selected talent meets the targeted profile.

Resource Qualification

We perform job specific- candidate assessments by identifying the core skills & understanding your organizational resources need to succeed in the global markets.

HR Qualification

We take care of Work Permit Status, Background and Reference Check and Client Specific Cultural-fit Assessments


We ensure that the new hires are ready to face the challenges of their roles and that they start contributing value to your company immediately.

Our Global staffing experts are ready to resolve your challenges