IT Training Program

IT Training Program


Technology has touched human lives in every possible manner and keeps changing with each passing minute thereby making it necessary to learn new things and intensify knowledge of existing technologies. If you deep dive in to our daily lives, you would realize that we use minimal capacities of software tools thus rendering substantial portion unproductive. This is mainly due to lack of training to use functions of such tools and software. Simply put, updating ourselves on technology is a necessity of business, which we cannot let, turn a blind eye.

We will provide training to the list of candidates on different technologies (as per market demand)to make them fit as per the different IT company hiring standards so that company officials can show more interest to fill the positions through campus hiring.

Training for IT Professionals

This encompasses professionals viz software developers, networking pros, security pros etc who are busy developing codes and infrastructure for their clients. PMTs Careers is a master in the bespoke category of training needs wherein we understand your project requirement in detail and provide you a Subject Matter Expert who can train your project team on the new niche technology and at the same time guide them to the new project. These SMEs are not normal trainers but experts who render their training services for the passion of teaching new technologies to young IT aspirants. This is a path breaking model specifically designed to move away from standard trainers who despite their knowledge levels fall short of desired feedback due to their lack of project exposure. SME way is the PMTs Careers mantra and the key differentiator that we offer you.So if you are looking at some meaningful depth oriented training programs through SMEs

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