Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

My job is not to be easy on people; my job is to make them better.

~Steve Jobs

This comprehensive leadership training course, led by GIA’s best trainers, focuses on teaching you the skills and strategies to effectively impact profitability, productivity and performance. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to study the leadership skills of the world’s best leaders.

During the One/two Day Leadership training, You Will

  • Understand the critical responsibilities of your role as a leader
  • Create leadership strategies that yield higher levels of performance from your employees and teams
  • Control Priorities and Increase Productivity With Goal Setting and Vision
  • Understand the role of effective communication for an effective leader
  • Develop actionable plans to address your most significant leadership challenges
  • Learn to increase productivity/profitability in your organization

Practice proven leadership techniques for engaging your employees,
including leading effective conversations to enhance their performance

What you will learn in this training

  1. Clarify Your Strategic Purpose
  2. Develop a Written and Specific Plan
  3. Set your goals and stay ahead
  4. Control Priorities and Increase Productivity
  5. Leadership and Communication
  6. Time Management and Art of Delegation
  7. Team Player vs. Overall Impact on Performance
  8. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  9. Personal Development and Leadership Skills
  10. Law of DFCC and Increased Productivity

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

-John F. Kennedy

What they say is a leader is a learner, who never stops to learn and that is how you keep your abilities at your best and not just that but to keep improving day by day; leadership is an everyday activity which must be practiced and improved every day.

It’s never a question that who should be a leader in an organization, and if that is the question then the answer would every one, everyone should be a leader, every-one should be self motivated to get things done, everyone should be self aware for their and organization’s growth.

Our effective training is designed for the overall development and growth for the employee as a leader, resulting in the increased performance, profitability and the team bonding and team motivation among employees.

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