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Recruiting permanent employees and assimilating them into your organization is a critical commitment. Permanent staffing solutions by PMTs Careers ensure that you are making this commitment to the right people. Veteran experts from PMTs Careers are here to help you select & place just the right talent. As a leading Permanent Staffing Services provider, PMTs Careers gives you the access to exclusively screened and qualified candidates in your preferred domain & industry.

We have a robust & experienced team of consultants who are completely dedicated to helping your company attain its business goals. Our time-proven practices and best-in- class experts ensure that you get the best talent at any level, with the fastest turnaround time. Entrusting your staffing challenges to PMTs Careers experienced professionals, you can focus your time, attention and efforts on your core business & innovation.

Why rely on PMTs Careers permanent staffing services?

Before we begin seeking the suitable candidates, we start with a thorough assessment of your requirements, carry out comprehensive research on the industry trends, and build interest around your organization to attract the best talent. We personalize our talent search to meet your specific needs so that we can select the individuals or teams that are most skilled to tackle the unique challenges faced by you.

Our proven experience in permanent staffing services and the strong network of recruiting experts apply client specific and collaborative strategies to select the best fit for your company’s culture and business needs.Bringing in streamlined sourcing and delivery processes we minimize all the expenditures that are typically incurred when you recruit, on-board, and train new employees.

PMTs Careers Permanent Recruitment Solutions ease your staffing difficulties by sourcing, recruiting & on boarding the best talent

Understand your requirements

The initial step in our hiring process is identifying the client’s needs. We proactively understand your business, long-term and short-term objectives, company culture, and background.

Customized recruitment plan

After gathering all the required details, we will develop a customized recruiting plan for you that aligns well with your timeline and business cycles.

Shortlisting & verification

Shortlisting & verification
Once we identify the top candidates, we will start the shortlisting process working collaboratively with you to help you select the best talent and close the job position.

Finalizing the job offer and follow-up

We will also facilitate you for extending the final job offer, managing negotiations, completing joining formalities and help you with ongoing follow-up process to ensure seamless on-boarding

Our Permanent staffing experts are ready to resolve your challenges